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IV Therapy

IV therapy is a great way to deliver nutrients, fluids and medications more directly into the body. This method can be a great alternative for individuals who struggle with absorption problems. In addition, this method is also a great way to deliver a high amount of key nutrients in therapeutic doses that cannot be given orally.

Are you struggling with taking many vitamins and supplements and feel that you are not absorbing them? Are you looking for a more convenient way of getting your nutrients and hormones without having to take something orally every day? IV therapy can help you boost your energy and immune system and it can deliver substances in a safe, efficient and effective way. Some nutrients cannot be given with an injection therapy but can be delivered through an IV. Examples of this include Iron and Vitamin C.

IV therapy is a fast, easy and a convenient way to get your nutrients which can help improve your overall health and wellness. IV therapy can deliver higher dosages of nutrients to reach the cellular level, which generally cannot be orally tolerated.  The type of IV therapy is customized for each patient and is prescribed by the physician as part of a treatment plan. The different types of IV therapy include formulas that are help improve resilience to stress, aid with detoxification, boost immunity, hydrate, increase energy and improve antioxidant levels in your body.

After your appointment with the doctor, an IV treatment or treatment series may be recommended for you to receive either weekly, biweekly or monthly. You can purchase these injections in a package if more convenient and you can schedule these IV therapy appointments directly in the patient portal, online on our website at https://www.nesaz.com/book-now/ or by calling us directly at 480-687-0054.

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