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Get your thyroid back on track, adrenals optimized and your female/male hormones dialed in. I’ve helped hundreds of patients balance their hormones and get their life back. I’d love to help you too. Let’s start today!


What People Think About Us

Kelsee Thi Luu
Kelsee Thi Luu
Dr. Khoshaba is PHENOMENAL!! I came to her with abnormal prolactin levels and she discovered I actually had hypothyroidism! She’s very thorough with her diagnosing and wants to improve your overall health. I highly recommend her due to her caring and determined personality!
Robin Japhet
Robin Japhet
Dr Khoshaba listens! She takes the time to really understand you and your needs. She makes you feel comfortable, no question is silly, she explains things so you can understand. She knows her stuff! She has helped me in so many ways, my health has improved 360 since seeing her. I recommend her to anyone who has not gotten answers from other doctors. Go to Dr. K, she will figure out what is wrong and she actually cares about you and getting you healthy!
simona man
simona man
Dr Khoshaba is the Best doctor I have been to! Very caring, smart and amazing always putting her pacients first.I am very grateful to find her, she gives me high hopes for a positive outcome! Her staff is very welcoming and friendly and I Highly Recommend her !!
Elisa Shivers
Elisa Shivers
Dr K has been amazing! I have been to multiple doctors with no progress for years. The difference with Dr K is she cares but she also LIKES to get to the bottom of issues you might be having. Quality of life for me has improved because of Dr K! The entire office team is warm and very helpful and I love the iron-infusions they offer!
Chris A
Chris A
My life is so much better since I met Dr. Khoshaba a few years ago! My friend at work mentioned her to me when she learned I struggled with thyroid issues. I'm so very grateful that she did! The minute I walked into the door I knew I was in the right place. I explained how I worked so hard on my health and physical well-being (including my weight on so many diets!) and she immediately went into action and shared with me that she believed me when I said how hard I was trying, and we came up with a plan of action for my thyroid health that very visit! I just saw her again yesterday and now we’re transitioning into the next phase of my life with menopausal symptoms. I arrived almost in tears yesterday and left with a renewed sense of hope and excitement about our next steps. I’m so grateful for how much Dr. Khoshaba cares for her patients. She honestly makes you feel like family when you visit her. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Dr. Khoshaba. There are just no words for how much I value you and your passion for the health and well-being of your patients.
Johnathan Burrell
Johnathan Burrell
Dr Khoshaba has changed my life. I am so very grateful for her kindness and compassion as an understanding provider of natural medicine. When I first went to see Dr Khoshaba my diabetes was out of control. I was slowly killing myself from the inside out. She listened to my story and immediately gave encouragement and set a plan to help me heal myself. Dr Khoshaba never doubted that we could reverse what I had done. Within 3 months she has helped me loose almost 30lbs and bring down my A1C significantly. I feel and look so much better. I am on my way to becoming a new healthier version of myself. Dr Khoshaba has literally saved me!!
I've been seeing Dr. Khoshaba since last year, shortly after I was diagnosed with Graves (diagnosed with Hashimotos years earlier). She'll always greet you with a smile, is genuinely caring, and excited to 'solve a puzzle' to help you feeling healthy again. She doesn't simply look to treat a symptom but rather understand what is happening in your body to determine the best course of treatment. I love that she recommends natural products and when she did have to prescribe a medication, she explained why it was necessary and prescribed a low dose. Plus, she was the only Dr that even considered gluten content since I also have Celiac. She's very transparent, you have visibility into your own progress, which I think is an important part of patient care. And her staff (Tiffany) is cheerful, always helpful and super responsive. Overall, I'm really happy with my decision to see Dr. Khoshaba and I feel confident in her plan to help me achieve remission. If you have Graves, I highly recommend her!
I can't say enough about Dr Khoshaba and her front office. They are amazing! I've been to so many endocrinologists in the past two years... I needed someone to help me who was willing to think outside the "science" box, because my body simply didn't fit into "the science." I've never had anyone run as many test and be as diligent in making sure we didn't miss something like Dr Khoshaba. We are still not were we need to be yet, but I have full confidence that she will get me there!
Dawn Shelton
Dawn Shelton
Thank you Dr Khoshaba for taking my health care to the next level. I feel like I have the Dr I’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Natural Endocrinology Specialists.

Scottsdale's Hormone Specialist

Natural Endocrinology Specialists (NES) was founded by Dr. Linda Khoshaba. Her office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, however, patients all around the valley use her as their primary doctor. Watch the video and discover why Linda is the best Endocrinologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. What seperates her from the rest is: she actually listens!

Patients also choose an NES because they want to tackle the problem at hand instead of taking a variety of medications that mask their symptoms. Many patients are feeling frustrated with the standard care model because they are not at their optimal health but continue to hear from the general practitioner: "Your labs are normal!" "This is all normal, you're just aging!". We hear you and want to help you get to your best self. Many patients also struggle to find natural and clean options. At NES, natural and clean medications and supplements are a top priority!
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Natural Endocrinology Specialists.

Your natural partner in health, Dr. Linda Khoshaba

If you need a doctor that truly takes the time to listen, understands your concerns, and is able to provide information in a way that makes sense you have come to the right place! At NES, we value our patients and want you to feel like part of the family. Your health is our priority, and it is a huge privilege to be entrusted with something so precious. Let’s work together to optimize your health so that you can live your best life.

We Listen

Are you tired of doctors not listening to you? Dr. Linda Khoshaba believes in listening to your health concerns before prescribing. The traditional medical system does not value enough time to listen to all your needs.

We Do It Right

Patients have come to Dr. Linda Khoshaba after visiting up to 5 different Doctors! She prides herself with the fact that her office is the last place they need to visit. She does it right the first time!

We Address Your Core Issues

Dr. Linda Khoshaba uses a combination of conventional and naturopathic treatments. She focuses on the core issue and does not just treat your symptoms.

We Focus

At NES, our approach in treating thyroid and other hormone conditions is personalized treatment for each patient. Our goals involve BOTH restoring hormonal balance and optimizing labs. Improvements in hormonal balance can be visualized in patients reporting how they feel and in their lab values. We optimize your labs compared to being 'within normal range'. Avoiding the broad ranges of traditional lab values, we fine tune your values to get your feeling your best. With this method, patients are guaranteed to see symptom improvement.

We Provide Options

Here at Natural Endocrinology Specialists, we give you a chance and a choice. We pride ourselves in giving several options in treatment and focus on starting with addressing underlying lifestyle recommendations that can be modified. We offer a deeper understanding of your health and simply do not give you a prescription to leave with. We actually offer you a treatment plan and list your top goals on that plan. You are included in the medical decision-making process!

We Care

We are your biggest coaches, cheerleaders and supporters because we believe in you and want your best interest in succeeding in your health journey! This is why we do what we do! We want to hear you and see you! When you succeed, we succeed! We love the joint partnerships we have with our patients, you can see and hear the truth from our existing clients by looking at our 5 star Google reviews!

Your Path To Feeling Better

Her main specialties are treating Hashimoto’s and Graves's thyroid disease, Adrenal Dysfunction, and hormone imbalances in both males and females.

She has also treated various co-morbidities related to endocrine conditions including cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, autoimmune gastritis, celiac disease, arthritis, dermatitis, anemia, lupus, and others. She uses conventional and specialty lab testing and works collaboratively with other specialists such as cardiologists, rheumatologists, and hematologists to help you succeed in your health journey.
Our Treatments

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Take Control Of Your Health

Do you feel powerless and want to be able to make a difference in your own health? We are tired of patients getting told that their symptoms are due to “aging”, “normal”,  or there is “no other options”. Many men and women struggle with not being able to loose weight and having low energy. Dr. Linda Khoshaba has helped a countless number of patients that are experiencing the exact issues that you are suffering with currently. Do something for yourself today and take back your health!
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Searching For Natural Supplements?

As we know there is many different natural supplements out there. However, not every supplement is the same in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Let's face it, there are many supplements that are not helpful and can be harmful. We work with two trusted Partners --Wellevate and Fullscript-- to deliver you safe and health beneficial all-natural supplements. Just ask Linda and she will tell you what you should order. Learn more about the dangers of overdosing on supplements.

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