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In the medical field you are only as good as your customers say you are. We are proud to be the best Hormone Doctor in Scottsdale, AZ.

Annalisa Grace

from Phoenix 
"Dr. Khoshaba has been my doctor for several years. I have never had a doctor that is so caring and really excited to help optimize my health. I highly recommend her!"

Jennie DiMarco

from Phoenix
"I first went to Dr. Khoshaba to regulate my hormone and thyroid levels over 5 years ago.
I have been so impressed with her medical acumen, aptness to think outside of the box and the skills to consolidate my other specialists recommendations into one plan of action.
Therefore she is now my primary care doctor and she is the only doctor I look forward to seeing. Not only is she the epitome of her profession she is also so warm and inviting.
Thank you Dr. khoshaba!!!"

Eryn McCormick

from Phoenix
"Dr Khoshaba has been my physician for 8 years. She always takes the time to listen and answer all my questions and concerns. She's professional, thorough, and persistent, and gives me her full attention the entire visit. No rushing me through for the next patient. She has a passion and drive to do her very best for each patient - all delivered with positivity and her megawatt smile! Highly recommended for help with thyroid and hormonal issues."
"Dr Khoshaba is amazing! We met through our children's school. She is thorough and looks for the root of any problems. We discuss everything from sleep habits, exercise and overall mental health. I'm excited to have found her. Would recommend to all my friends, colleagues and family. Invest in your health!"

Carrie Lage

"I'll keep this simple. Dr. K is the best doctor I've ever had by a long shot. I actually look forward to my visits. I always leave feeling so much better in every way. I'll never use anyone else for me and my family. If you need a great doctor to help you with your health and wellness, do yourself a favor and make an appointment."

Pamela Johnson

"Dr. Khoshaba is the best there is. She is thorough and takes time with you to listen and understand what's going. I had struggled with hormone imbalance for years till I found her and she helped get me on track and changed my life."

Shannon Stapley

"Dr. Khoshaba has been my primary doctor for several years. She has become like a family friend, treating us all. Dr. Khoshaba has helped me to balance my blood sugar, cortisol, thyroid and hormones.She gives me undivided attention, is available and responds quickly to email questions. Dr. Khoshaba loves what she does and is truly dedicated to then health of her patients."

Ruth Hughes

"Dr Khoshaba has been my primary doctor for many years! She is very knowledgeable and supportive when it comes to my treatment plans. Her focus is on my whole body health, not just one area. With 2 cancers behind me, I know she is the one to guide me forward in reaching my health goals. I appreciate not feeling rushed during appointments and being able to discuss my questions and concerns thoroughly."

Carol Hickman

"My wife has been going to Dr Khoshaba for over 8 years. The hot flashes and mood swings starting in peri-menopause were awful for both of us. Dr. Khoshaba discovered Carol had thyroid as well as hormone issues. WE are so happy with the natural bio identical treatment approach of Dr Khosaba. Her knowledge and patience is unsurpassed!"

Rod O

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Dr. Linda Khoshaba is the Leading Integrative Health and Hormone Doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has extensive experience working in the field as a Hormone Specialist and Natural Endocrinologist.

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AZ 85255, Suite 200
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