Sublingual Troches

Understanding Troche Delivery

Troches are akin to lozenges but with a twist — they're
designed to deliver hormones. Placed under the tongue,
they dissolve slowly, allowing the hormone to be
absorbed through the lining of the mouth straight into the bloodstream.

Key Perks of Troches:

Gentle and Liver-Friendly

Direct Entry: The hormones from troches bypass the digestive system, avoiding the liver's first-pass effect, which can lead to better hormone utilization and less strain on liver function.
Convenient Dosing: Troches make dosing simple — pop
one in your mouth and let it do its work. It's discreet, easy,
and fits effortlessly into your day.
Flexible Timing: They can be used at different times of the
day, offering flexibility to fit into various schedules and

Smart Usage Tips for Troches

Mindful Dissolving:

It's crucial to let the troche dissolve
completely in the mouth for full effect.
Swallowing it too soon can reduce its

Eating and Drinking:

After placing a troche, wait before
eating or drinking. This ensures
that you get the full hormone
dosage without interference from
other substances.

Regular Checks:

As with all hormone treatments,
regular check-ups with your
healthcare provider will help tailor
the dosage to your body's
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