How do they deliver?

Pellets are small, rice grain-sized capsules that a
healthcare provider implants under the skin, typically in
the hip area. These pellets are packed with hormones and designed to slowly dissolve, releasing a steady amount of hormones into your body over an extended period ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Prime Advantages of Hormone Pellets:
Sustained Release and Convenience

Long-Term Stability: Pellets excel in maintaining a stable level of hormones in the body for an extended period, which can help stabilize mood and energy levels.
Infrequent Replacement: With pellets, you're looking at a 'set it and forget it' type of treatment. Once implanted, there's no daily or weekly dosing to worry about.
Consistent Delivery: Because pellets release hormones consistently, they avoid the highs and lows often associated with other methods.

Considerations for Pellet Therapy

Procedure Required:

The implantation of pellets is a minor
surgical procedure done under local
anesthesia. It's quick, but it does
require a visit to a healthcare

Risk of Complications:

Though generally safe, the
procedure carries a small risk of
complications such as infection or
the pellet working its way out,
known as extrusion.


Your hormone levels will need
monitoring, especially when
starting pellet therapy, to find the
right dosage and timing for pellet
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