How do they work?

Patches are applied to the skin, typically on the lower abdomen, buttocks, or upper body (excluding breasts). The hormones in the patch are absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream.

Key Advantages of Hormone Patches:

Stability and Simplicity

Consistent Hormone Levels: Patches deliver hormones steadily throughout the day, helping to maintain even hormone levels and prevent the fluctuations that can affect mood and energy.
Ease of Use: Simple to apply, patches act like a skin sticker
that releases medication without the need to remember
frequent doses.
Low Maintenance: Once applied, each patch continues to work effectively for several days, reducing the need for daily attention.
Discreet and Comfortable: Patches are thin, flexible, and
worn under clothing, making them both unnoticeable and
convenient in everyday life.

Important Considerations for Using Hormone Patches

Skin Sensitivity:

One potential downside to using
patches is the possibility of skin
irritation at the application site. This
could range from slight redness to
more significant irritation, depending
on your skin's sensitivity and the
specific formulation of the patch.

Scheduled Changes:

This ensures that the hormone
dosage remains effective and
consistent. This schedule typically
requires changing the patch once or
twice a week, depending on the type,
brand, and as prescribed by your
healthcare provider.

Follow Instructions:

Proper application and timely
replacement of the patch are crucial.
This includes placing the patch on
clean, dry, and less hairy areas of the
skin to ensure optimal absorption and
reduce the risk of the patch peeling
off prematurely.
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