Oral Prescriptions

How does it work?

Oral prescriptions (tablet/capsule) are taken by mouth and pass through the digestive system. Once swallowed, the hormones within the pills are absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Essential Benefits of Hormone Pills:

Familiarity and Routine

Routine-Friendly: Taking a pill is a part of many people's
daily routines, making this method a seamless fit for those already accustomed to taking medications orally.
Dosage Precision: Pills offer the advantage of precise 
dosages, each pill containing an exact amount of hormones, which can help in closely managing hormone levels.
No Skin Issues: For those who have sensitive skin or react to adhesives, pills eliminate the possibility of skin irritation associated with patches or gels.

Key Considerations for Oral Hormone Therapy

Metabolic Processing:

Hormones taken orally are processed
by the liver before they reach the
bloodstream. This first-pass
metabolism can lead to variations in
hormone levels and may affect the
overall potency of the therapy.

Potential Side Effects:

Because of the liver's involvement,
there can be an increased risk of side
effects and interactions with other

Regular Monitoring:

It's important to have consistent
medical oversight when taking
hormone pills, as the liver's role in
metabolism means your healthcare
provider may need to adjust dosages
based on how your body is
processing the hormones.
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