How do they deliver?

Hormone injections are a direct approach, with hormones administered either into the muscle (intramuscularly) or just under the skin (subcutaneously). This method allows the hormones to be absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream, providing a fast-acting effect.

Key Benefits of Hormone Injections:

Swift Impact and Dose Efficiency

Immediate Absorption: Injections bypass the skin and digestive system, allowing hormones to become available in your bloodstream almost immediately.
Extended Intervals Between Doses: Because of their concentrated form, injections can sustain hormone levels for days or weeks, meaning you don't have to manage your treatment 
every day.
Dosage Control: A healthcare provider can accurately measure and administer the hormone dose, providing a level of precision that ensures you receive exactly the amount you need.

Considerations When Choosing Injections

Medical Supervision Required:

Injections typically need to be
administered by a healthcare
professional, although with proper
training, self-administration can be an
option for some.

Comfort Level:

Some individuals may experience
discomfort or have a fear of needles,
which can make injections a less
desirable option.

Consistent Healthcare Visits:

If you're not self-administering, you'll
need to make regular visits to a
healthcare facility for your injections,
which requires a commitment to
maintain your treatment schedule.
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