Regulating Key
Physiological Functions

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Estrogen in men plays a pivotal role in supporting bone density, modulates libido, aids in sperm production, and has protective effects on the heart and arteries. The proper level of estradiol are necessary for men’s overall well-being, with both excess and deficiency having potential health implications.


Unseen Yet Essential for Men's Vitality
Here at NES™, we recognize the critical role of estrogen in men’s health. Our comprehensive testing measures estradiol levels to identify any imbalances, which is essential for managing key aspects of men’s wellness.

By keeping a close watch on estradiol, we provide personalized treatments designed to preserve hormonal balance, crucial for maintaining not only physical health but also emotional stability in men.
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Estrogen Hormone Levels with Age

Throughout a man's life, from puberty to old age, estrogen levels subtly influence various aspects of health, with a natural decrease occurring as men grow older.

Signs and Symptoms

High and low estrogen hormone levels may include symptoms such as:

High Estrogen Hormone Levels

Muscle Weakness

Muscle Weakness

Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Low Libido

Decreased Libido

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Low Estrogen Hormone Levels

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Water Retention

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Hormone Health

Excess and Deficiencies

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High Estrogen Hormone Levels

Elevated estrogen levels in males can lead to several health issues. Although estrogen is typically considered a female hormone, it's also important in male health. High estrogen in men can disrupt the hormonal balance.

Low Estrogen Hormone Levels

While low estrogen levels are less common in men, they can still occur and have significant effects. Estrogen is vital for maintaining bone density, brain function, and cardiovascular health in men.

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