Creams and Gels

How does it work?

Creams and gels containing bioidentical hormones are applied topically. When you rub them onto your skin, the hormones are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system and liver, allowing the hormones to retain their strength and potentially reducing the risk of side effects associated with oral ingestion.

Dynamic Delivery:

The Perks of Topical Hormone Therapy

Efficient Absorption: Unlike pills, which go through the digestive system, or patches, which release hormones over a longer period, creams and gels allow hormones to bypass the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream directly through the skin.
Customized Dosing: These can be easily applied in varying amounts, allowing for flexible dosing that can be quickly adjusted
by your healthcare provider based on your  hormone levels.
Gentle on the Liver: By avoiding the 'first-pass' effect through the liver, creams and gels reduce the potential for metabolic side effects and strain on this vital organ, compared to oral pills.

Important Usage Considerations for
Topical Hormones

Application Precision:

While creams and gels allow for
tailored application, they require
careful attention to dosing. It's
important to follow the prescribed
amount to ensure effective treatment.

Absorption Variability:

Factors like skin thickness, the
presence of hair, or other skin
products can affect how well the
hormone is absorbed, which could
lead to variability in hormone levels,
as opposed to the consistent release
from patches.

Transfer Risk:

After application, there's a need to
ensure the cream or gel has
completely absorbed before making
skin contact with others, to prevent
accidental hormone transfer.
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