Case Study 2: Managing Hyperthyroidism & H. Pylori Holistically

Patient Background:

  • Age/Sex: 51-year-old male
  • Symptoms: Abnormal stomach feeling, significant upper abdominal pain, early satiety, weight loss.
  • Initial Diagnosis: Autoimmune thyroiditis with markers for both Grave’s & Hashimoto's, H. Pylori infection.
  • Medical History: Vegetarian for 30 years, personal history of Lyme disease, family history of thyroid disease.

Treatment Journey:

  • Initial Treatment Response: Anti-Thyroid & Beta-blocker medicine, decreased anti-thyroid dosage.
  • Mid-Treatment Adjustments: Switched to methimazole 15 mg; supplementation for low iron & vitamin D; homeopathic remedy.
  • Further Developments: Positive for H. Pylori; prescription supplemental herbal & dietary recommendations; methimazole decreased to 10 mg; Iron IV recommended.

Pertinent Labs:

H. Pylori: Initially positive, negative after treatment.
Iron storage improvement over the course of treatment with Iron IV & supplementation. Last value was after he stopped supplementing.
The graph depicts the changes in TSH levels over time, initially starting very low, peaking above normal, and then stabilizing within the normal range.
The graph shows the T3 thyroid hormone levels over time, staying mostly within the normal range marked by the green and orange lines.
The graph shows T4 Free Non-Dialysis test results over a year. Initially, the results were too low, below the normal range, but they gradually increased and are now close to the normal range, suggesting an improvement.

Final Outcome:

  • Patient Feedback: Feels like himself again, grateful for the treatment received.
  • Health Improvements: Improvement in energy, appetite, eradication of H. Pylori, transition from hyperthyroid to euthyroid state.
  • TSH Levels: Maintained within a normal range over time.
  • Autoimmune Disease: Thyroid antibodies negative, indicating remission.
Stable TSH levels over time, reflecting the success of the personalized treatment plan.

NES Holistic Approach:

  • Personalized Care: Adjusted treatment based on individual needs and lab results.
  • Treatment Focus: Holistic management of hyperthyroidism and H. Pylori, avoiding invasive procedures like thyroid removal.
Important Note:
  • Individual Variation: Treatment tailored to the patient’s unique history and response to therapy.
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