Cushing Syndrome

Cushing's syndrome (also known as hypercortisolism) is an endocrine disease, often caused by a tumor, that leads to overproduction of the adrenal stress hormone cortisol.

Cushing Syndrome vs Cushing’s Disease

Diagnosing adrenal dysfunction involves evaluating symptoms, medical history, and conducting specific tests, such as saliva, blood, or urine tests for hormone levels. Treatment focuses on lifestyle changes like stress management, improved diet, regular sleep, and sometimes hormone therapy under medical supervision.

Cushing Syndrome Symptoms

Common symptoms of Hypercortisolism include:
Skin Changes

Skin Changes
Easy Bruising, slow healing, acne and stretch marks (striae)

Weight Gain

Weight Gain
Accompanied by specific fat deposits like a buffalo hump

Hairsutism and Menstrual Issues

Hair Growth and Menstrual Changes
Hirsutism /excessive hair growth) and menstrual issues.

Reproductive health

Reproductive Health Issues
Infertility, low libido and erectile dysfunction

Bone Health

Bone Health
Osteoporosis, resulting in weakened bones and increased fracture risk.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure
Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Mood Swing &Disorder

Mood Disorders
Depression and Anxiety

Hormonal Imbalances

Other Hormonal Imbalances
Various Symptoms indicating imbalances in hormone levels

Personalized Integrative Care for Cushing's Syndrome

At Natural Endocrinology Specialists™, we offer customized, integrative care for Cushing's Syndrome, focusing on each patient's unique health journey. Our approach involves thorough assessments through blood tests, imaging, and physical exams to understand your condition deeply. We create personalized treatment plans aimed at symptom management and addressing root causes. Our holistic support integrates natural therapies and lifestyle changes to enhance overall health and quality of life for those with Cushing's Syndrome.
Dr. Linda Khoshaba is the Leading Integrative Health and Hormone Doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has extensive experience working in the field as a Hormone Specialist and Natural Endocrinologist.

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